Carpet restoration

Carpet Restorations in Melbourne

If you have experienced flood damage, the cost of replacing your carpets will probably be a concern to you. Re-carpeting your house can often cost thousands of dollars and given the unexpected nature of flooding, you might not be financially prepared for this. Luckily, in some cases we can provide carpet restorations in Melbourne, preventing the need to replace your carpet. Our team can assess your carpet and determine whether this is a suitable option for you.


Our carpet restorations in Melbourne can restore the condition of your carpet, back to how it was before the flooding occurred. In all likelihood, it will restore the condition back to how it looked not long after it was bought!


The first step of the carpet restoration process involves drying the carpet out with our industrial strength fans and dehumidifiers. If we can begin the drying process soon after the flood, we will have more chance of saving the carpet. If the carpet is left too long, mould might be begin to form and the carpet will have to be removed due to the health issues that might be caused.


If the carpet is in an acceptable condition, we can replace the underlay and dry the concrete out below it. Excessive flooding can cause moisture to seep into the concrete area and skirting boards. We will need to use the dehumidifier to thoroughly dry this area out.


If you would like our team to assess the condition of your flood damaged carpet, call us today. Our professional team will help you to choose the best course of action.